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If you can’t write it down in English, you can’t code it.

Monday, October 22nd, 2012


I first saw this quote in the wonderful book “Programming Pearls” and I thought it was a bit obvious, but apparently not to everyone.

As a consultant, I never cease to be amazed at clients that expect programmers to create software based on a loosely defined concept or abstract description. They have no problem understanding that if they let their house builder make all the decisions on how their new kitchen would be constructed, that there might be some difference between the builders concept of dream kitchen and the house owners. However, customers do not understand why when their software project descriptions such as “program to track orders” or “help employees collaborate” might not be enough to guarantee a mutually agreeable outcome to the software development project.

So here’s a few simple steps for getting to a better project outcome using simple flow charting. No need to get too complicated.
Simple Programming Process