GBTC TechNite “Geek Prom” no more

At a recent event, I asked a young entrepreneur whether he was going to TechNite this year (as I had talked with him at TN, last year), and he responded that he heard it was being held in a “sketchy” neighborhood. At first I thought he was kidding, but he actually was planning to miss the event because of this presumption.

At first this really torqued me, because as a person who has spent my whole life here, I’m proud of my city and take umbrage at the premise that an iconic venue like Lexington Market would be unsafe for such an affair.

Then I got thinking, what if this keeps people away, discourages the timid, roots out the uncommitted? What if the only people who show are the hard core, passionate zealots who are unconcerned with the location of the venue, because they are on a “mission from God” to succeed. Yeah, that’s actual a good thing, because those are the types of people who built this city in the first place – and I’d rather ta
lk to the zealots anyway. They’re more interesting – and they are going places.
GB.TC TechNite

I really don’t know what the GB.TC has in store, but don’t think TechNite is “Geek Prom” anymore. I figure it’s worth $40 to find out.

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